Yoga for Weight Loss

From a long ago yoga is a of exercise that centers around your psyche, body and soul. The word 'Yoga' has been taken from the Sanskrit word 'Yug' which belongs to Sanskrit and which suggests the relationship of our individual insight and the comprehensive mindfulness.
Yoga is a very old form of exercise , through yoga you can fresh your mind as well as your body. Yoga will help you to refreshed your soul and mind in a amazing yoga. By practicing yoga regularly you can have a happier body and soul. If your body become active, your mind will automatically transformed to a happier one. So, start yoga soon, to have a refreshed soul body and mind.
Yoga has various forms to do physical exercises. Yoga is not only for refreshing your body and mind, on-wards you can also use yoga for weight loss. To loss weight through yoga you have to follow some yoga steps which we will discuss bellow.
Frequent practice of Yoga will help you to loss your extra weight and make your body a perfect shaped one. So, to loss weight through yoga will drive you to loss some extra weights. But! you must have to make sure that you are practicing yoga for weight loss regularly.Break or wantonness will drive you to a "Zero Result" or a failure one.So, you must have to be passionate for yoga to loss weights.
Yoga is an ancient form of exercise and lots of psychic used it to meditate, so it was proven a long ago that yoga is very helpful for both body and soul. Surely yoga will give you the gladness, and you wont be disappointed after frequent practices of it. You will be able to see the benefits of yoga as soon as you start it.So, Lets talk about the ways of losing weights through yoga.

There are several ways and practices for losing weights through yoga.Most of the things about weight loss is directly connected with burning calories. That means to loss weights you have to burn calories, so our motto will be to burn calories by several practices of yoga. There are lots of yoga posses, but to loss weight there are some specific posses and we have to follow those posses to stay ourselves away from gain weights.
To loss weights we have to be aware about gaining weights, we have to know that which things may gain weights.And at the very first stage of weight losing practices we have to stay away from those things, which may drive us to gain weights. A healthy diet is also a important subject in weight losing procedure. We must have to be away from fatty or junk foods, which may drive us to weight gaining. The most important thing to weight loss is to burn calories, without burning calories its not possible to loss weights.
And to burn calories you have to practice some yoga posses. So lets talk about the posses which may help us to loss weight:

The warrior pose

the warrior pose
Yoga for weight loss

This pose drive to the mountain pose.In this pose you have to stretch your one leg to your back and another leg going into a lunge like position with your knee at a ninety degree position.And then you have to stretch your both hand combined above your head.And thats it! this pose is known as warrior pose.

warrior pose 2

Furthermore, straightening your stretched leg and pointing your other leg at the same ninety degree position (like warrior pose 1) and then take your hands in front of your chest , its known as warrior pose 2 .

The warriors pose works with your back, arms, legs and thighs, and this pose helps to improve blood circulation. And also it will help you in the road of your weight loss meditaion.

• Upward plank

yoga for weight loss-upward plank

Though this pose is a bit difficult ,it will give you more satisfaction.This pose is very helpful for the respiratory system along with it this upword plank pose works on your spine, shoilders, back, wrists and many more parts of your body.
To try this pose, sit your both legs stretched in front of your body.After then point your body and setup your body to ascend.Raise your body from the tailbone and take a stab at pulling your head back too.In fact it is the converse pose of the position which you get in just before preparing for a conventional push up.

The bridge pose

yoga for weight loss-the bridge pose

To try this pose lie down on your back with your hands stretched sideways and then crease your knees, spread them out and raise your body up from your pelvis zone. Use your hand to support your body and hold the position. This does something amazing for your hips, thighs, stomach just as back.

The boat pose

the boat pose

To try the boat pose make your body rest on your back and go to "V" Shaped position which is analogous to a boat. And try to remain on that position for 13 seconds, and try to increase the time by everyday workout. For example, if you take this pose for 13 seconds at the first day of your exercise , try to increase it to 15 seconds at the next day of your exercise. This position will create huge pressure to your stomach. And belive me you will start to lose belly fats if you try this Boat pose continuously.

•The Triangular pose

To start this pose stand on a wide legged position.Now take your right foot out ;then stretch your arms out, wide open pushing the right side of your waistline over your right leg and gradually go down, facing downwards with a flat back . Keep your right palm on the ground (you can choose to keep it in front of your right foot or behind it) or on a block with your left arm stretched upwards. Repeat the other side.

This Triangular pose works on your arms and thighs.

• Sun Salutaion

yoga for weight loss-sun salutation

Sun salutation is the pose which have more than twelve different forms.But the most common among them is the basic prayer pose, forward bend etc.

The sun salutation pose helps you to make your body fresh along with your soul and mind.

So, above we discussed about all the possible yoga position, which may helps us to refresh our body, soul and mind as well as decrease our body weights. Hope practicing these yoga poses will also help you to make your body perfect shaped.

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